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Message from the Dean


Etta D. Pisano, M.D.

Vice President for Medical Affairs
Dean, College of Medicine

Dear Colleagues:

The MUSC Health “Changing What’s Possible” brand showcases our commitment to advancing and offering the highest quality healthcare to our region.  Aligned with our new clinical enterprise strategic plan, MUSC communications emphasize quality and innovation while highlighting the achievements of our researchers, clinicians, and academicians, thus setting us apart as a leading academic medical center.

I am happy to inform you that new messages for MUSC Health and MUSC Children’s Hospital will launch throughout our market this Wednesday, March 7.  These new communications will further position MUSC as a dynamic academic medical center which is attracting some of the best healthcare professionals in the country.  The campaign also focuses on the thousands of patients who choose to travel great distances to benefit from our world class healthcare.  Outdoor billboard messages will showcase the loyalty of the patients we are honored to serve.  You have the opportunity to view these new messages now prior to their public release at - click on the “TV messages” button in the middle of the webpage.

As a result of this new messaging campaign, increased interest in MUSC’s clinical services is anticipated.  This aligns with our clinical enterprise strategic plan, which has identified strategically expanding access and capacity as one of our seven driving strategies.  Peter Zwerner and Pat Cawley are the strategy leaders for this initiative.  In order to support and fully benefit from this campaign, we must commit to eliminating any barriers to our timely response to the increased requests for clinical service.

Thank you for all that you do every day to change what’s possible in healthcare.

With warm regards,



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