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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Robert Malcolm, M.D.
Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education
67 President St., PH459

Oversight of the CME in the College of Medicine which awards credit, manages conferences and meetings for physicians who have completed residency and seek continuing education to enhance their practice skills and maintain certifications and licenses.

Odessa Ussery, M.Ed., CCMEP
Director of CME
19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 1004
 Plans and directs the accreditation of the overall MUSC College of Medicine CME program to ensure the full compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), AMA, OIG and PDA guidelines and policies. Directs and manages staff responsible for the CME activities certified and managed by MUSC College of Medicine.

Pam Benjamin
Senior CME Coordinator
19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 1004

Responsible for development, implementation and management of continuing medical education activities for healthcare providers designed for local, state, regional and national audiences.  This includes CME activities presented by MUSC departments and divisions and non-accredited organizations at state and national levels.  Development of workshops and web based activities to assist all CME Activity Directors in achieving a high level of compliance with MUSC, ACCME, AMA policies and procedures.

Valerie Morton
CME Business Manager
19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 1004
 Responsible for managing financial information for the office, monitoring budgets, developing reports and fincancial statements for all CME activities.

Elizabeth Gossen
Program Coordinator
19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 1004

Coordinates live conferences and responsible for managing the CME for all of the RSS (Regularly Scheduled Series) that are accredited by our office.

Shirley Maxwell
Assistant Financial Coordinator
19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 1004
 Assists with general procurement and fiscal affairs of the Office of Continuing Medical Education.  Responsibilities include assisting with processes of receiving funds and/or payments for the unit to include registration fees, educational grants, exhibit fees, reimbursements, transfers and other various types.  Assists with reporting and accounting of continuing medical education activities.

Courtney Irvin
CME Support Specialist
19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 1004

Provides administrative assistance for CME activities (conferences, workshops, grand rounds, online and enduring materials).  Is responsible for layout and design of CME conference promotional materials.  Responsible for compilation and dissemination of all conference and workshop activity evaluations. Responds to requests for conference information. Maintains the calendar of events/activities on Office of CME web site.  Co-producer of on-line newsletter for the Office of CME.

Arly Douglass
CME Evaluation & Assessment Manager
19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 1004



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