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Anatomy Equipment Required


Lab equipment must be obtained by Week 2 of Block 1 so you will be prepared for the Human Anatomy Lab.

REQUIRED for dissection laboratory:

▪    Dissection instruments (kit available in MUSC Bookstore) (<$25.00)

▪    ¾-length white laboratory coat (available in MUSC Bookstore)

▪    Appropriate attire will also include long pants — scrubs are recommended

▪    Supply of non-latex gloves

▪    Clipboard (for note taking in lab, practical exams, etc.)

▪    Protective eyewear will be provided.  However, these are inexpensive, disposable eye shields.  More comfortable,  permanent eyewear as an acceptable alternative is available in the campus bookstore or from other sources.


In addition, each DISSECTION TABLE will be asked to make a group purchase of one copy of Netter’s Atlas and one copy of Grant’s Dissector. These books will be used at the Table during the lab session by the Dissection Team. These two books will remain in the lab and be stored at the dissection table.