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Internship 101


Internship 101 is designed to better prepare you for your new role as an intern.  12 sessions and a simulation activity appropriate for your residency match are required for all students.  In addition, students will select elective sessions which are of interest to them.  There are over 50 elective sessions from which to choose.  Each session leader has provided an overview and learning objectives to aid in your selection process. This information is found in the catalog.                                                                                                                                                                      


You must complete 50 hours of classroom instruction. We will pre-register you for the 12 courses required for all students which make up 15 hours. We will also pre-register you for a simulation activity appropriate for your internship match. In addition to your required courses, you will register for electives to complete the total of 50 hours. You may sign up for more than 50 hours.  You must attend all courses you register for.


Registration for Internship 101 will be conducted online through MyQuest and will open to students on Monday, March 20th at 12:00 Noon.  Registration (add/drop) will remain open for all students until Wednesday, April 5th at 11:55 pm. Changes will not be accepted after April 5th at 11:55 pm. Make sure you have 50 hours of sessions and that your sessions do not overlap.                                                                                                                                                                                   

How to Register for Internship 101 Sessions


  1. Review the course catalog and determine which sessions you’d like to attend.
  2. Use the color calendar to ensure your desired sessions do not overlap.

When Registration Goes Live (March 20th at noon):

  1. Please note that registration is easiest using a desktop computer.
  2. Log into MyQuest ( using your Net ID and password.
  3. Click on the “Enroll” tab and select “Browse a Catalog.”
  4. Select the “COM Internship 101” catalog.
  5. To register for a session, click on the title to open the class information window. 
  6. Click “Enroll.”  (If more than one session is listed, then please make sure you click “Enroll” beneath the appropriate session.)
  7. Keep track of your credit hours as you enroll in sessions to ensure that you reach 50 hours.
  8. After registering for all of your sessions, you may verify that you have registered for 50 hours by viewing a print preview of your transcript.  Your Internship 101 hours will be listed at the bottom.
  9. Add/drop will be allowed until April 5th at 11:55 pm. Changes after this time will not be permitted.
  10. Walk-in students are not permitted. If you attend a session, you MUST be registered.
  11. If you register for a session, then your attendance is required.


Course Catalog

Color Calendar

MyQuest Information:

Once you have signed up for Internship 101, you should have access to our Moodle room –
"17/SP  Internship 101 (MDCOR-626-05)". Please look here for many of the prerequisites and supplemental material from instructors.

Questions or problems?

Contact Megan Grinnell at or at 792-7406.