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         Welcome to the College of Medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina.  As the oldest medical school in the South, MUSC has a long and rich tradition of educating physician leaders for our state, country and indeed the world.  You have already proven yourself to be the kind of person who will become an excellent physician.  In four years you will become one of the world’s most needed and greatest resources - a physician.

It is our intent during your time here at MUSC to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and humility required to serve your fellow man.  You need to be prepared to change more than you have in any other educational pursuit.  You will grow in many ways, but in none more important than the understanding that your learning will never end as you enter the profession of medicine.  Being part of this profession is a tremendous privilege that begins and ends with service to others - this is why you will endure the long hours, the hard work and the obligations.  It is a calling of great personal sacrifice, but of unbelievable reward from helping others.


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