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Applying to the College of Medicine

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores are required (taken within 3 years from the date of matriculation).

The MCAT should be taken no later than spring or fall of the year preceding admission. To do well on the MCAT, students are advised to take two semesters each of General Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Physics, and Biochemistry. Also recommended is one semester each of: Introductory Psychology and Introductory Sociology.

At least ninety semester hours are required. Preference is given to applicants who have completed four years of college and have earned a baccalaureate degree. Only those applicants with extremely unusual circumstances are admitted after 90 semester hours.

Although no prerequisite courses are required, most successful applicants to this medical school complete two semesters of the following courses prior to matriculating: general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Other courses that have been shown to be of value are: anatomy, biochemistry, cell biology, embryology, genetics and physiology.

In addition to completing the AMCAS application and the MUSC Supplemental application, at least three (3) letters of recommendation must be submitted on your behalf (2 from science professors and one (1) from a non-science professor are preferred). If your college pre-med office prepares a committee letter or packet, this will suffice to complete the LOR requirement. For a non-traditional student who has worked or has served in the military for a number of years, a different kind of letter packet may be submitted. Letters from previous supervisors may be submitted, but at least two (2) letters of recommendation from college professors are also required.

Submit AMCAS application and MCAT scores (May 15 – November 1)

The College of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications are found on line at the Association of American Medical College website:

*The Early Decision Program is available to in-state students. The AMCAS deadline for Early Decision is August 1 and action is taken by the Admissions Committee by October 1. Students whose first choice of medical school is MUSC are encouraged to apply if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and MCAT scores of 504 or above.

Submit the MUSC Secondary Application (July 1 – December 15)

When the verified AMCAS application is received by MUSC (usually 4 weeks after it is submitted to AMCAS), all applicants are sent an email directing them to the MUSC website where they access the Secondary Application. All applicants receive the MUSC Secondary Application. A nonrefundable $95 application fee is required to submit this application.


All recommendations are to be submitted to AMCAS using the AAMC “Letter Writer forms’ available at:

Recommendations should be from three college professors or a college packet from your pre-med advisory committee. Students who have been out of college for a while can substitute an employer for one of the faculty letters. Applicant must submit 3 letters, but can include up to 5 letters.

Applicant Interviews (Invitation only) (early September - mid-March)

Applicants who meet a pre-established academic profile using the cumulative gpa and total MCAT scores are invited for interviews. Out-of–state applicants are required to have a much higher academic profile to be invited for interviews.

Final Admission Decisions(October 1 – March 15)

The Admissions Committee meets monthly beginning at the end of September and sends out acceptances on a rolling basis.

Doctor of Medicine and MSTP (MD/PhD) programs

Apply through AMCAS, the American Medical College Application Service FIRST, then return to this page and complete the MUSC application process by following the link below for the appropriate program.

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Medical Scientist Training Program (Combined MD/PHD)

A: Although there are no prerequisite courses required, it is strongly recommended that applicants applying should complete two semesters each of: General Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Physics, and Biochemistry, also recommended is one semester each of: Introductory Psychology and Introductory Sociology.

A: We take a holistic approach to our selection process. GPA and MCAT scores are a large factor in obtaining an interview, at which point we are looking for the other traits essential to becoming great physicians. These include personality traits, leadership experience, volunteering, clinical exposure, and shadowing experiences.

A: Tours are offered many Fridays throughout the year. For more information please e-mail if you are interested. You can also view virtual tours of our campus and program. Should you be invited for an interview, a campus tour will be provided at that time as well.

You can also tour the Medical University of South Carolina from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with this application available in the Apple App Store. The Explore MUSC App provides a self-guided overview of the campus, complete with maps, over 100 images, and videos.

A: We strive for a diverse class and welcome all majors as long as your degree is from an accredited college/university.

A: There is not a minimum GPA to apply. The current class GPA average is a 3.7. Students with GPAs lower than 3.4 typically must complete a graduate degree to become a more competitive applicant.

A: South Carolina applicants must score at least a 494 on the MCAT exam to be considered for an interview, Out of State applicants must score at the average (508-509) or higher to be considered for interviews. The average MCAT for the current class is a 508-509 on the MCAT exam.

A: Because we are a state funded institution, first preference is given to in-state applicants, second preference is given to out of state applicants with close South Carolina ties to the state, and then consideration is given to regular out of state applicants. Please visit the Office of Enrollment Management's webpage on residency for more information.

A: We are unable to admit international students into the regular MD program. International students can apply for the MD PhD program, for more information please contact Amy Connolly in Graduate Students (

A: Transfer students are very rarely admitted to our institution. Of primary importance, the student must have a “hardship” reason for wishing to attend medical school at MUSC. Those considered must be in good standing at one of the LCME accredited medical schools within the US. They must also have taken, and passed Step I of the LCME.

A: We will waive our secondary application fee on a case by case basis if you have been approved for the AMCAS Fee Assistance Program (FAP). Most approved fee waivers are for in-state applicants. You will need to send your FAP e-mail from AMCAS to and we will verify your eligibility then follow up with you.

A: After completing your application with AMCAS, a supplemental MUSC application will be sent to you. Please note it can take 4-6 weeks for applications to be verified by AAMC. Your complete application will be reviewed to determine if you are eligible for an interview and, if so, you will be notified of your interview date by e-mail. Early Decision interviews are scheduled for September 2015. In our rolling admissions cycle, regular interviews will continue through March of 2016.

A: You can find the tuition and fees information here. As well as information about College of Medicine scholarships.

A: College of Medicine Dean's Office
Attn: Admissions
Medical University of South Carolina
96 Jonathan Lucas Street
Suite 601, MSC 617
Charleston, SC 29425

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