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Jerry and Jenny Reves Diversity Scholarship Endowment


Dr. Jerry Reves is a native of Charleston, South Carolina and a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina (Class of 1969). Prior to returning home, he served as Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke University for 10 years. During his tenure at Duke University, he also served as Director of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia and Director of the Duke Heart Center.

Dr. Reves is a "Champion of Diversity" and a "Model for Change". When he joined the Medical University of South Carolina, College of Medicine in 2001, he immediately recognized the need to enhance diversity within the College and the University. In 2001, there was a paucity of under-represented in medicine individuals (African-Americans, Native-Americans and Hispanics) among the student body, house-staff and faculty at MUSC. Among the 800 faculty members within the College of Medicine, there were 23 under-represented in medicine individuals, 16 under-represented in medicine individuals among the 500 house-staff physicians, and under-represented in medicine individuals represented less than 10% of the College of Medicine student body. According to Dr. Reves, " we cannot be a world-class institution unless we have diversity; everyone benefits from diversity, and it makes the whole greater".

Towards that end, diversity became a pivotal part of the College of Medicine. Dr. Reves appointed a College of Medicine Diversity committee, launched a 5-year COM diversity plan, and charged all department chairmen with the development of departmental diversity plans. He held forums with the minority students, house-staff and faculty to hear their concerns and enlist their support of the College’s diversity plan. The diversity committee assisted the departments with their diversity plans and developed strategies to improve the environment at MUSC by making it more inclusive and welcoming. Diversity became a part of the quality pillar within MUSC Excellence.

The results of Dr. Reves’ efforts are unprecedented. By Fall 2007, the College of Medicine had increased the number of minority faculty by more than 100% (23 to 57), almost quadrupled the number of minority house-staff (16 to 58) and minorities account for 17% of the COM student body. Equally striking, among the 30 minority student matriculants in COM during Fall 2006, eleven (11) were African-American males. Ten (10) African-American males matriculated during Fall 2007. The College of Medicine matriculated 11 African-American males at a time when majority medical schools matriculated an average of 1.5 African-American males.

The University Medical Associates (UMA) honor Dr. Jerry Reves for his outstanding leadership and trailblazing efforts in the area of diversity with the Jerry Reves Diversity Scholarship Endowment. The purpose of the endowment is two fold: minority recruitment and scholarly activities, which address health care disparities.

" As a College Medicine we are committed to making diversity a hallmark of our medical education at all levels---faculty, residents and medical students. Our state will reap the benefits in the coming years"-----Jerry Reves, M.D.


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