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(November 7, 2011) Welcome to the new Class of 2015 Students and Mentors!  We had a fantastic time getting to meet everyone at the Orientation Luncheon at the Citadel Alumni House.  Dr. Wiley, the Senior Mentor Program Director, and Dr. Granholm, the Center on Aging Director, welcomed all of the mentors and gave a synopsis of what to expect for the next four years.  Dr. Leonie Gordon was also present from the College of Medicine to help elaborate on the value that our mentors have on the geriatric education of MUSC's medical students.

(April 19, 2011) Thank you to Mr. David Clark for inviting us to speak at the Center For Creative Retirement group to recruit new mentors for the incoming Class of 2015 medical students.  We had a great response!  We also appreciate Ms. Margaret Eargle for joining us in promoting the program!

(March 16th, 2011) Class of 2011 Graduation Luncheon for the graduating College of Medicine students and their mentors.  We enjoyed a lunch at the Holiday Inn - Mt Pleasant. This year's guest speaker was Missy Johnson who spoke about the value of mentors throughout the community and the immense impact of service to others.  Dr. Kathy Wiley presented certificates & gifts to all of the mentors and Dr. Donna Kern announced Brandon Brown and Valarian Bruce as the recipients of the 2011 Paul "Put" Putman Award.  Thanks to all who helped make this event a success!

(Left to Right) Dr. Kern, Dr. Granholm, Dr. Wiley, Missy Johnson, Dr. Greenberg

Emmanuel Chandler, Quinnie Gilliard, Adonteng Kwakye

Joan Knauer, Mary Paugh, Amanda Pearce, Michael Reynolds, Oran Knauer, Ashok Ramachandra

Anand Pariyadath, Jean Smith, Frances Hardaway


lotta ard

(February 4, 2011) Aging Research Day 2011 is a research conference focusing on aging and age-related diseases. This conference can play a major role in raising awareness, enhancing distributive knowledge and disseminating research regarding age-related health issues, not only in South Carolina but throughout the Southeast region of the US to health care providers, students in health-related fields and older citizens.

This year's topic was Aging and Mobility and was held at the Columbia Conference Center. 

(November 12, 2010) We are happy to welcome all of our new mentors and the new Class of 2014 medical students to the Senior Mentor Program!  We enjoyed getting to meet you all at the Orientation Luncheon on November 12th at the Citadel Holliday Alumni House.


Students & Mentors getting lunch


Getting to know each other


Dr. Pisano, Dean of Medicine, joined us


Setting up meetings


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(November 10, 2010) Nicholas Gregory & Rebekah Hardin visited the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center Laboratory in Chicago, IL. The laboratory has two major activities: to provide a state of the art neuropathological diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease by post-mortem evaluation and to facilitate research into the neurobiologic causes of Alzheimer’s disease.  More than 1,400 brain autopsies have been conducted by the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center Laboratory since its inception in 1987.  Through their meetings, they learned many valuable things that they have been able to bring back to MUSC's Carroll A. Campbell Jr., Nuropathology Lab.
(October 21, 2010) Dr. Lotta Granholm visited Capitol Hill as a delegate of the Eldercare Workforce Alliance to meet with Congress in support of: increasing appropriations funding for Title VII and VIII Geriatrics Health Professions Education and Training Programs, supporting the Direct Care Workforce Empowerment Act, which will create wage protections and improve recruitment and training opportunities for retaining an adequate Direct Care Workforce, and supporting the Positive Aging Act, which will make mental health services for older adults an integral part of primary care.capitol hill

(March 16, 2010) The Senior Mentor Program graduated the Class of 2010.  Over 100 attendees were able to participate in this special event.  Cat Angus from the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and Avalon Consulting was the keynote speaker and spoke on “Aging in the Real World”.  Ms. Angus did a wonderful job imparting valuable and pertinent information to a group of seniors mostly over 70 and 4th year medical students under 30. 

cat angusgraduation

putman awards

From the College of Medicine graduating class of 2010, Stuart Saunders and Daniel Toms were awarded the Put Putman Award. The award and monetary gift is supported by the 3 children and 10 grandchildren of passed Senior Mentor Paul "Put" Putman, the Kalil, Conway, and Reams families. Mr. Putman and his wife greatly enjoyed their students and Senior Mentor program. The award was to be given to a student or students who had superior performance on their geriatric assignments, showed a great love for their patients, who showed their compassion and caring by their volunteer work or choosing a career in primary care. Congratulations to Mr. Saunders and Mr. Toms and many thanks to the Paul "Put" Putman family!

(February 19, 2010) MUSC hosted Aging Research Day at the Holiday Inn at Folly Beach. The theme was Stoke: Unbuckling the Stroke Belt. The event was a great success and raised over $10,000 for research!

The Senior Mentor Program recruited an additional 75 volunteer mentors for the Class of 2013, with a student body of 155.  Many of our new recruits were recruited from the Lowcountry Senior Center. 

The pharmacology assignment was expanded to incorporate a larger group of pharmacology students this year.  This assignment allows for both College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy students to see real patients and medication charts rather than reading about it from a textbook.  The Senior Mentor Program will now permanently include the pharmacology assignment to the entire College of Pharmacology student body in the upcoming years.


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