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Exit Interview Overview


We are happy to have played a role in your development as physicians.  We are certainly proud of you and are pleased that you chose to attend the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine.  Below please read about the Exit Interview requirement. 

Overview of Exit Interviews

If you borrowed money from the Federal Direct Loan or Perkins Loan programs to finance your education, below is a summary of the required Exit Interviews. 

The FEDERAL government requires that Federal Loan recipients complete Student Loan Exit Counseling prior to graduating or whenever they cease to enroll at least half-time.

Both the Federal Direct Loan and Federal Perkins Loan programs require that you complete an Exit Interview.  In early spring you will receive a notice from the Office of Student Accounting to complete the requirement, please mark your calendars to do so.

A HOLD will be placed on your academic records and it will remain in place until you complete the federally required Exit Interview process. With the HOLD in place, you cannot receive an official transcript and your diploma will not be released.

So make sure your transcripts and diploma are not held – take time to complete the EXIT INTERVIEW!

Contact Information

If you should have questions, please feel free to contact Student Accounting.


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