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The Group on Student Affairs (GSA) exists to provide support and guidance to students throughout their medical school experience.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping each medical student achieve optimal professional growth and development.  The GSA serves students through a wide variety of activities.  For example, in consultation with other key stakeholders, we plan most major student events from MS1 orientation through graduation.  We also participate in the development and administration of many policies that impact the quality of life and campus resources available to medical students.  We provide support and advisement to student council and all recognized student groups.  We also provide the longitudinal Careers in Medicine (CiM) course to assist each medical student in finding the right career path.  We are always available for individual consultation regarding any issue or concern.  We often find solutions to such issues in our office, but when appropriate we also make referrals to available campus resources (e.g., center for academic excellence, student counseling service, student health service, financial aid office).  We are here to make sure that you have the support, information, and resources that you need to be successful.  Our goal is to be of service to you and so we welcome all opportunities to assist you in becoming a truly outstanding medical professional.

Myra Haney Singleton, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Student Wellness
601 CSB
Christina Bourne, M.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Career Advising
601 CSB
Gabrielle S. Redding
Assistant Director, Student Affairs and Student Career Planning
Alexzandrea Brown
Manager, Academics and Student Support
Elle Johnson
Program Coordinator, Student Affairs and Student Wellness



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