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Sharepoint Instructions


SHAREPOINT - Viewing and Downloading COM Event Photos (requires MUSC NetID Login)

To download photos in Sharepoint you must use "Internet Explorer" as the web browser.
Photos can be viewed in Sharepoint using any browser.

  • Login to Sharepoint using your MUSC Login

  • Click “Event Pics” or click an event folder
  • Open the “Actions” dropdown menu and choose "View Slideshow" (Make note of the photo(s) you would like to download)
  • Click a photo to view and close the window after viewing
  • Check the box under the photo(s) you want to download
  • Open the “Actions” dropdown menu
  • Follow the instructions to “Download” photos or "Send to Email"
  • NOTE: Limit the number of photos selected for each download when choosing “Original Size"
  • Preview all photos by choosing Actions and "Slideshow View" (scroll through pages for additional photos - 40 images per page)
  • When finished, click the dropdown menu beside your name (top right) and "Sign Out" to end the Sharepoint session.

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