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Other Funds and Campaigns


An endowed chair is an elite faculty appointment that carries with it a stable source of funding to support a specific academic, research or clinical pursuit.  It is the most prestigious honor a university can confer upon a faculty member.  These chairs enable us to attract and retain the best educators in the country, provide a permanent, stable source of departmental funding and help recruit the nation’s top students.

Newton C. Brackett, M.D.  (1959)
Clinical and Translational Renal Research

Peter C. Gazes, M.D.  (1944)
Clinical Cardiology 

Layton McCurdy, M.D.  (1960)

John E. Mahaffey, M.D.  (1954)

H. Biemann Othersen, Jr., M.D.  (1953)
Pediatric Surgery

Jerry Reves, M.D.  (1969)
Anesthesia Research

John A. Siegling, M.D.  (1932)
Orthopaedic Surgery


College of Medicine Alumni Class Year Scholarship - Currently there are twelve class scholarships available to outstanding College of Medicine students. These awards are made to students who show a presence that will enrich the entire university and whose accomplishments as physicians and citizens will bring future distinction to their alma mater. Students awarded these scholarships receive them annually until graduation (if funds are available).

James B. Edwards Scholarship - Awarded annually to two incoming students, these scholarships provide merit-based scholarships of $5,000 per year, plus a waiver of tuition and fees.  This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate superb intellectual qualifications and outstanding potential for leadership in the study and practice of medicine. Qualified students throughout the United States are eligible; however, preference is given to South Carolina residents. The award remains in effect for four years, assuming the student maintains high academic performance and fulfills the promise of excellence. Students to be awarded these scholarships are recommended by members of the Admissions Committee. The Edwards Scholars Program was established in 1991 to honor James B. Edwards, an oral surgeon from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina who has dedicated much of his life to public service. His distinguished career includes service as Governor of South Carolina, US Secretary of Energy, State Legislator and President of the Medical University of South Carolina. A significant portion of the endowment funds earmarked for Edwards Scholars came from Dr. Edwards’ friends, colleagues, and associates in appreciation of his leadership and service. The following named scholarships fall under the James B. Edwards Scholars Program: Marguerite A. Muller, Dr. Samuel Madison Pitts, and Anne Marie Kathryn White

Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Jenny Reves Diversity Scholarship - Established by the College of Medicine faculty and University Medical Associates in honor of College of Medicine alumnus and former dean, Dr. Jerry Reves (COM '69), and his wife Jenny. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to under-represented in medicine medical students.  Recipients will be chosen by the College of Medicine Scholarship Committee. The criteria for selection will be financial need and academic merit.



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