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  • Dr. Bonilla

Office of Assessment and Evaluation Student Academic Assessment Transfer Policy

Primary responsibility for evaluating student academic assessments (i.e. grades and standardized exams) rest with the Office of Assessment and Evaluation.  The tools used to measure and calculate each student academic records are clearly outlined in block, clerkship, course syllabi, and national examination standards.

This policy is designed to outline the due process to provide the Office of Assessment and Evaluation with all student academic assessments from years 1-4 and national standardized exams.


  1. All grades and exam scores must be sent either electronically or hand delivered to the Office of Assessment and Evaluation within 4 to 6 weeks of when the theme leaders, year curriculum coordinators (preclinical years 1 and 2), clinical core directors acting for the chair of the relevant academic department (clinical years 3 and 4), or Office of Student Affairs receive the student academic assessments. 
  2. If the decision of the theme leader, clinical core director, course director, or Office of Student Affairs does not result in submitting these records on time to the Office of Assessment and Evaluation then this will be reported to the EDAS Council.

 Approved by the UCC on 6/15/12


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