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Etta D. Pisano, M.D.

Vice President for Medical Affairs
Dean, College of Medicine

Dear Colleagues:

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Jan Lage, long-time Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, has made the decision to step down as Chair of the department effective November 1, 2012 to have more time to devote to her own clinical and academic pursuits.

Jan was recruited to MUSC from Georgetown University Medical Center in 1999 by Dean Layton McCurdy.  Over the past thirteen years, Dr. Lage has led the department to achieve successes across all of our missions – education, research, and clinical care.  I am pleased that Jan will remain on the faculty following her service as Chair, and am confident she will continue to make great contributions to the department and the institution for the remainder of her tenure at MUSC.

We will be appointing an Interim Chair to lead the department, and will initiate a national search for the permanent Chair position in the near future.  Please join me in thanking Jan for her many years of service as Chair of the department.

Education and LCME Update

I am pleased to share the wonderful news that the College of Medicine and the Veteran Administration Medical Center received an education grant from the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation to participate in a multi-site faculty development project.  The project, "Passing the Torch: Fostering Medical Humanism Through Faculty Role-Models" will be facilitated by Dr. Shak Rehman, Professor in the Department of Medicine.  Participants in the project will be trained to promote values and attitudes related to teaching the human dimensions of care.  The following faculty members were selected to participate- Drs. Amy Blue, Ben Clyburn, Deborah DeWaay, Ashley Duckett, Leonie Gordon, Temeia Martin, Patricia McBurney, Matt McEvoy, and Mike Southgate.  At the end of the project, we will have a cadre of faculty who will be able to facilitate future trainings for our faculty.

During our LCME self-study year, several policies were developed and/or revised to improve our education mission.  Please review the Academic Evaluation Conflict of Interest policy and the Medical Student Supervision and Teaching policy and refer questions or comments to Dr. Deborah Deas at

Congratulations to the MUSC Cystic Fibrosis Center

Last week, the MUSC Cystic Fibrosis Center received notification that they have been selected as one of the recipients of the 2012 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Quality Care Award: Recognizing Outstanding QI Processes and Accomplishments.  MUSC’s CF Center is among four programs selected to receive this award.  Please join me in congratulating all those associated with our CF Center on this wonderful recognition of their excellence.

Congratulations to Dr. Debbie Bryant

Earlier this week, Dr. Debbie Bryant received the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 2012 Community Health Leaders Award.  Dr. Bryant serves as Assistant Director for Cancer Prevention and Control and Outreach at the Hollings Cancer Center.  She is the first South Carolinian ever to receive this prestigious award, which recognizes individuals who have overcome significant challenges to help improve health and health care problems facing their communities.  Please join me in congratulating Dr. Bryant on this accomplishment.

Discussion Forums

As a reminder, we have created new electronic discussion platforms focusing on education, research, clinical affairs, and general information from the Dean’s Office and the College of Medicine.  These new forums are intended to serve several purposes.  First, they are another way for my office to share important information with faculty, staff, and students.  Second, they are meant to encourage discussion about issues within the college and to empower everyone within the college to voice their opinions.  These “discussion forums” are intended to be not only channels for messages to be sent out, but channels for YOUR ideas, comments and questions to be heard by college leadership.  Your voice matters and we are pleased there is a new way for it to be heard.  You can access these forums by using the following links and your net ID and password:

Faculty Breakfast Meetings

Faculty who are interested in attending one of my breakfast meetings should contact Beverly Carson ( and indicate which area of focus (research, clinical, education, administration) is of greatest interest to them.  These meetings will typically be held on Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m.  I hope all faculty who would like to participate in these discussions will sign up for a future breakfast meeting.

As always....

Let's work together to meet our strategic planning goal - to be in the Top 25 among academic medical centers for reputation, quality, service, efficiency and financial performance by 2015.  I look forward to hearing from you - either in person or via email.