College of Pharmacy Class of 2018 Lee Ann Jones

Lee Ann Jones ’18 knows the value of an open mind. The one-time aspiring marine biologist spent seven years as an environmental consultant before deciding to make the career change to pharmacy. At MUSC, she explored multiple career paths within pharmacy, while also earning a concurrent MBA degree from The Citadel.

She brings all that experience and knowledge to bear as a pharmacotherapy resident at the University of North Carolina Medical Center. Since the residency program has a strong relationship with the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, she’ll have teaching/mentoring responsibilities in addition to the traditional clinical and research responsibilities of a residency position.

Her residency is a PGY1/PGY2 24-month program, providing the breadth and depth of virtually all areas of pharmacy practice while also allowing for some flexibility to tailor the experience to her individual interests and goals.

Pre-Pharmacy: North Carolina State University

Why MUSC? “It had all of the aspects I loved from other programs and none of the aspects I didn’t love. Bigger city with large young adult population; check. School with other professional programs available; check. Smaller class size but all the benefits that come along with being associated with a large academic medical center; check and check! :-)”

Random Thought: “I think it is so important to come into this experience with an open mind…the things I am interested in now are not things I thought I’d be interested in initially (from a career standpoint) but I’m so thankful for all of the unique opportunities and people at MUSC which has led me to my current path.”