MUSC pharmacy celebrates Women’s History Month in March 2018!

One of the most historic breakthroughs women have had is in the workplace, and the profession of pharmacy has drawn particular benefit. In 1985, women reached a slight majority, becoming just fewer than 52 percent of pharmacy school graduates according to research from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. That percentage had grown to around 60 percent by 2015-16.

“Pharmacy is an appealing profession for women because it allows us to care for our communities as we simultaneously care for our families in a way that is unique to each of us,” said Shea Manigo ’07, who earned her bachelor’s at the University of Florida before coming to MUSC.

Manigo also earned an MBA from The Citadel in 2007 and has served as a district pharmacy manager at Target and healthcare market leader with CVS Health. Earlier this year, she was named regional director R59 for CVS Health.

“The professional diversity within the field of pharmacy affords women the opportunity to seek personal, familial and professional fulfillment in a variety of settings,” she said.

Jessica Cope '11, a clinical specialist in medical intensive care at UF Health Shands Hospital and a clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, has also found fulfillment in the pharmacy profession.

"My role as a clinical specialist in a high tech, fast paced Medical ICU environment is both demanding and rewarding," she said. "As a member of an intensely collaborative clinical team, I provide vital information that allow for timely therapeutic interventions. My clinical pharmacy role provides me the opportunity to improve health outcomes for individual patients as well as the broader impact on patient care that results from the research undertaken and published by our ICU team. Knowing I make a difference is meaningful and fulfilling."

You can read about a few other MUSC pharmacy women in the stories available below, which are illustrative of the many highly-talented women in the MUSC pharmacy program.

Jane Davis ’82

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