James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Office of Dental Informatics

computer classroomThe Department of Dental Informatics is responsible for the education of students, faculty, and staff in the use of information technology.  Our mission is to expand the use of technology to improve oral health care and related diseases within the State of South Carolina..  We make every effort to assure that students, faculty, and staff have the technical knowledge and skill to perform fundamental dental treatment procedures with a high degree of quality.  With the almost daily changes in technology,  we must increase research within the College of Dental Medicine and encourage scientific investigation by faculty, residents and students. This department is continuing to strengthen and expand those systems and to encourage research across a wide spectrum of the faculty, students and, to some extent, the practicing dental professionals across the state.

Excellence in all three of our missions, education, research and clinical service, is paramount to achieving these goals.  Dental Informatics continues to improve the delivery of the three goals: we have set: (1) Supporting  students, faculty, and staff in the education mission of this college; (2) To support the research of the College and encourage scientific investigation by faculty, residents and students; and (3) to support  the Clinical Services for the College of Dental Medicine.

In summary, the Department of Dental Informatics, within the College of Dental Medicine is committed to pursuing the highest quality in: education; continuous advancement of scientific knowledge; and the improvement of the dental health of citizens of the state of South Carolina.

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