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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Mission and Vision

The mission of the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine is to develop principled, skilled and compassionate practitioners and leaders in oral health care, to expand the body of knowledge about oral and related diseases, and to serve the citizens of the state of South Carolina and beyond by providing exemplary oral health care.

To be a national leader in dental education, service and research, and to be an outstanding place to learn, teach, expand knowledge, work and serve.


  •  Education
    To provide a high quality educational 
          environment for dental students.
         -To expand the scope of postdoctoral
         -To provide continuing education programs 
           for life-long learning to meet the changing
           needs of the dental community.
  •   Research
         -To increase research within the College and encrouage scientific investigation by 
          faculty, residents, and students.
  •   Faculty and Physical Resources
         -To provide professional development for the faculty and staff.
         -To assure that the physical resources, space and facilities, are managed to the 
          optimal benefit of the College.
  •   Professional and Community Relationships
         -To increase participation in the programs and activities of the Medical Center and 
          the community.
  •   Clnical Services
         -To assure that the Clinical environment is maintained at an optimal level of quality.
         -To serve as a quality referral center that provides comprehensive care to patients 
          with special needs in South Carolina.


The educational goals of the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine are to

  • Assure that the student possesses an in-depth knowledge of the basic dental subjects.
  • Assure that the student possesses a fundamental knowledge of the basic sciences and medical sciences needed to understand the relationships between oral and systemic health, disease, and treatment.
  • Assure that the student has the technical knowledge and skill to perform fundamental dental treatment procedures with a high degree of quality.
  • Provide the academic foundation and motivation for the individual to continue his/her education throughout professional life.
  • Provide postdoctoral education programs to meet current and future needs in the area of dental health care.