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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Predoctoral Courses

Division of Implant Prosthodontics: Department of Oral Rehabilitation

Predoctoral Courses

PROS-820 Implant Prosthodontics I
This course is designed to introduce the student to knowledge essential for restoring dental implants. The student will learn basic terminology, biological principles, and restorative concepts for utilizing dental implants in the edentulous and partially edentulous mouth. A brief history of dental implants is also included in the lecture section of this course. (Spring, Freshman Year) Cayouette

PROS-821 Implant Prosthodontics II
This course is designed to advance the students knowledge essential to providing mainstream implant restorative treatment. The student will learn to diagnose, treatment plan and construct surgical templates for implant placement. The student will also have hands on experience with implant prosthetic components. Prerequisites: Implant Prosthodontics I (Summer, Junior Year) Cayouette

PROS-830 Dental Implantology
Dental Implantology is a vital part of modern dentistry. The use of dental implants should be a part of dental treatment where indicated. This course teaches the dental student essential information which will be utilized for comprehensive patient care. The course includes both surgical and restorative perspectives. The material will be taught by faculty and guest lecturers who have experience and expertise in the field of dental implantology. Prerequisites: Implant Prosthodontics I and II (Spring, Junior Year) Rivers