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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Predoctoral Courses

Division of Removable Prosthodontics: Department of Oral Rehabilitation

Predoctoral Courses

PROS-901 Intro to Dentistry
The first dental course the freshman students receive which will combine a dental profession, library resources training and selected topics such as ethics, professionalism and challenges facing the dental profession. 3.0 Credit Hours, Summer. Dr. Malley. Freshmen.

RMPRO-811, Complete Dentures I
Preclinical introduction into the basic bio-mechanical theory and dental laboratory techniques involved in complete denture construction. Laboratory course will emphasize development of manual and laboratory skills required in the treatment of the edentulous patients. Patient treatment will be simulated on a mannequin. 4.5 Credit Hours, Fall Semester.

RMPRO-813, Complete Dentures II
Clinical introduction into the treatment of the edentulous patient. Lectures will emphasize the clinical technique involved in each clinical appointment. Laboratory course is a continuation of RMPRO-811. Students will complete the dentures from the previous course and will learn denture repair and implant O-ring locator pickup procedures. Prerequisite: RMPRO-811, 1.5 Credit Hours, Spring Semester.

RMPRO-835, Removable Partial Dentures
This course is designed to present appropriate background material and skills necessary to provide removable partial prosthodontic treatment. Major areas covered include diagnosis, treatment planning, design, mouth preparation, work authorizations, fabrication, delivery and maintenance of removable partial dentures. Prerequisite: RMPRO-811, 3.5 Credit Hours, Spring Semester.

Elective: Special Topics in Removable Prosthodontics
This elective covers material beyond the basic complete and partial denture course. It includes topics such as dual path of insertion partials, overdentures, single complete dentures, interim dentures, adjunctive aids and post-op trouble shooting.