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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Predoctoral Courses

Division Restorative Dentistry: Department of Oral Rehabilitation

Predoctoral Courses

GENDT-801. Dental Morphology. An introduction to the morphology of human teeth (permanent and deciduous), the relationships of dental anatomy to supporting periodontal structures, and other clinical implications of dental anatomy. 2.5 s.h. Fall.

GENDT-805. Operative I. Includes the etiology, recognition, and classification of dental caries. The principles of cavity preparation and the restoration of various defects with silver amalgam are emphasized. 3.5 s.h. Fall.

GENDT-830. Operative II. The indications for cavity preparation and manipulation of composite resin, as well as aspects of other tooth-colored materials, are covered in detail. The indications for cavity preparation and manipulation of direct and indirect gold are also covered. 4 s.h. Spring.

GENDT-888. Preclinical Restorative Competency. This course is designed to assess each rising third year dental student's competency in basic restorative dentistry. It will a written and manual assessment administered over two consecutive days during the exam week following the spring semester. 1 total s.h. Spring

FXPRO-801. Pre-Clinical Occlusion I. Develops an environment that allows the student to understand the function of the health stomatognathic system with major emphasis on the basic principles of mandibular movements and positions. 2 s.h. Fall.

FXPRO-805. Fixed Prosthodontics I. This introductory course acquaints the student with the rationale and methodology of full veneer crown preparation, provisional restorations, and laboratory methods of constructing a cast gold restoration. All course materials are available in web-based format. Prerequisite: FXPRO-801. 2 s.h. Spring.

FXPRO-806. Fixed Prosthodontics II. This course will emphasize tooth preparation for full veneer and partial veneer restorations. Preparations for fixed partial dentures will also be covered. Impression techniques, construction of provisional restorations, and laboratory procedures necessary for fabrication of cast restorations using the indirect technique will be presented. Discussion of pontic design, finish line configuration, and marginal fit are also included. Prerequisite: FXPRO-805. 2.5 s.h. Fall.

FXPRO-807. Fixed Prosthodontics III. This course is a continuation of Fixed Prosthodontics II. Special emphasis is placed on preparation and fabrication of ceramometal restorations. Also included is information on all-ceramic tooth preparation and alternate ceramic systems including CAD/CAM. Prerequisite: FXPRO-806. 2.5 s.h. Spring.

FXPRO-808. Fixed Prosthodontics IV. This course describes the basic Fixed Prosthodontic clinical techniques required to treat patients appropriately. Prerequisite: FXPRO-807. 1.5 s.h. Spring (May).

FXPRO-825. Advanced Restorative Techniques in Fixed Prosthodontics. Expands didactic study by exploring more advanced techniques and procedures. Topics include diagnosis and treatment planning, implant prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthodontics, esthetics and advanced preparation design. Prerequisite: completion of preclinical courses. 1 s.h. Spring.