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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Diagnostic and Treatment Services

Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics: Division of Craniofacial Genetics
Diagnostic and Treatment Services

The proposal presents for the first time in the State of South Carolina a comprehensive approach to solve the oro-dental unmet needs of the mentally, physically, or genetically compromised children. Historically, these type of patients have had difficulty in securing or even having access to dental treatment.

The proposed program will: (a) provide a multidisciplinary referral resource in South Carolina for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of the "special patient", (b) empower the patient's parents, to become effective managers of the child's oro-dental needs, (c) develop educational programs for dental students who in the future will be community resources and (d) establish a method to study the impact of oral dental disease in this population. The program will be established at the College of Dental Medicine, Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Division of Craniofacial Genetics and will work in collaboration with state agencies (DHEC, CRS, DMR), private organizations and private practitioners.