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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Pediatric Dentistry Predoctoral Courses

Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics:
Division of Pediatric Dentistry

Predoctoral Courses

PEDOR - 805 Pediatric Dentistry II
Lecture/laboratory course. Course continues instruction in pediatric dental procedures to include restorative, pulpal, surgical and space maintenance therapies.

PEDOR - 815 Pediatric Dentistry III
Lectures provide a more thorough discourse on topics of clinical and diagnostic procedures needed for dental treatment for the child and adolescent to include primary and mixed dentition orthodontics, traumatic injuries, team management of cleft palate, and advanced behavioral modalities.

PEDOR - 825 Pediatric/Orthodontic Lab
Lab procedures in restorative care of pediatric patients with primary and young permanent dentitions. Space maintenance and minor tooth movement applications are demonstrated and constructed. Supplemental diagnostic procedures (space analysis, cephalometric analysis) are performed.

PEDOR - 887 Advanced Behavior Management in the Child Patient
A series of seminars on topics ranging from personality assessment and goal setting to behavior modification techniques and communication skills. The student is exposed to advanced management philosophy and techniques to help deal with difficult children.