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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Oral Medicine, Radiology and Emergency Services

Department of Stomatology: Division of Oral Medicine, Radiology, and Emergency Services

Predoctoral Courses

STOMA - 800 - Introduction - Dental Radiology
Lectures and demonstrations concerned with he physics involved in the production of x-rays and their interactions with matter. Also, the biological effects of ionizing radiation and the protection of patients, operators, and the environs are discussed.

STOMA - 836 - Radiographic Interpretation I
Lectures concerned with the principles and practice of radiographic interpretation with emphasis on the recognition of normal radiograph anatomy, radiographic anomalies, and radiology pathology. An introduction to clinical technique is also given.

STOMA - 837 - Radiographic Interpretation II
Continuation of STOMA - 836

STOMA - 838 - Oral Medicine Maymester Course
Lectures and demonstrations presented in oral region structural examination, history recording and evaluation, diagnostic methods and procedures of both clinical and laboratory nature, and treatment planning correlative application of these activities to total health care. Emphasis is placed on prevention, early disease detection, and interpretation of detected abnormalities, of both local and systemic nature.

STOMA - 850 - Senior Radiology/Advanced Topics
Reviews certain topics and updates the senior student's knowledge of dental radiology. The course includes a more thorough discussion of the material included in Radiology I and Radiology II. Advanced topics are also discussed including cephalometrics, extra-oral radiography, xeroradiography, and dosimetry.

STOMA - 855 - Senior Treatment Planning Seminar
Student presentations of actual treatment plans developed for an assigned patient. Clinical correlation of basic principles of oral and systemic disease, stressing diagnosis, radiographic interpretation will be taught.

STOMA - 880 - Behavioral Science
Presents the basic concepts of successful patient management to the future health professional. Social consciousness and awareness relating to the real needs of the general population and its diverse groups are stressed during this early developmental student period.