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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine


Department of Stomatology: Division of Periodontics
Predoctoral Courses

STOMA 802 - Periodontics 1
This lecture course teaches basic dental terminology, structures of the oral cavity, principles of hand instrumentation, periodontal examination procedures, review of medical and dental histories, instrument sharpening and fundamentals of patient plaque control.  1.5 s.h. Fall, 1st year, Gellin

STOMA 803 - Periodontics 2
A series of lectures in which the fundamentals of the nature of diseases of the periodontium, their etiologic backgrounds, prevention, histopathology, clinical recognition, and non-surgical treatment are covered in logical sequence. Prerequisite Stoma 802. 1 s.h. Fall, 2nd year, Krayer

STOMA 804 - Periodontics 3
A series of lectures in which the rationale, objectives and techniques of different types of periodontal surgical therapy, and principles of healing are presented to prepare the student for clinical periodontics.  Other topics include antimicrobial periodontal therapy and the relationship between periodontics and removable prosthodontics. Prerequisite Stoma 802, 803. 1.5 s.h. Fall, 3rd year, Gellin

STOMA 805 - Periodontics 4
The lecture portion of this course discusses occlusal examination procedures, fabrication of an occlusal nightguard, bruxism, and temporomandibular disorders.  The laboratory/clinical portion involves performing a detailed occlusal examination and fabrication of an occlusal guard.  Prerequisite Stoma 802-804. 1.5 s.h., Fall 3rd year, Gellin

STOMA 806 - Periodontics 5
A series of lectures and seminars in practical case presentation and treatment planning for the periodontal patient in which periodontist-general dentist relationships will be stressed. Prerequisite Stoma 802-805. 1 s.h. Fall, 4th year, Krayer