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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

Staff Recognition & Reward Program

Past Award Winners

The CDM Staff Reward and Recognition program recognizes and rewards staff for exemplary performance based upon the criteria in the MUSC pillars of excellence.

Any of the following criteria may be used for staff nominations.

People: What does the staff member do to create an environment that is conducive to high morale and productivity? Does the staff member demonstrate an attitude of service and cooperation?

Service:  Describe how the staff member provides high quality service to our patients, students and the MUSC community.

Quality:  Describe how the staff member demonstrates professionalism in their approach to work, and strives to achieve the highest standards of excellence for our college. Describe how the staff member participates in upgrading their skills and knowledge and is willing to share their skills and knowledge with others.

Growth: Describe how the staff member has worked to create new and expanding opportunities that benefit the college, including contribution to programs and departments by taking on special projects.

Finance: Describe how the staff member has contributed to cost savings and/or efficiencies for the College.

  • The CDM Office of Institutional Effectiveness will administer this program
  • Two awards will be given each quarter. One for clinical staff, the other for nonclinical staff. Staff nomination forms may be filled out by CDM faculty , staff or students at any time.
  • 2 annual awards to be chosen from quarterly award winners.
  • All CDM staff are eligible for nomination for awards, including temporary, research and post TERI staff.
  • Award amounts will be $50 for each quarterly award, $250 for each annual
  • A subcommittee will be developed to select the awardees - 2 staff members and one faculty member, this membership will change each year and the committee will consist of the previous years annual award winners and one faculty member
  • Annual awardees will be recognized at a college wide staff appreciation event.

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