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College of Dental Medicine News

College of Dental Medicine News

Date: Dec 2012

Over 3,500 toys and bicycles were donated to the Salvation Army as a result of the Angel Tree Program of 2012.

On December 7, 2012, the College of Dental Medicine’s (CDM) staff, faculty, students and residents joined together to support the local community by contributing toys for families and children in need to the school-wide MUSC Angel Tree program and the Salvation Army. These donations will give happier holidays to those who may not have been fortunate enough to receive gifts otherwise.

An Angel parade was held at MUSC to celebrate these donations on December 7th, with performances by the Burke High School Drum Corp. and the Charleston Police Department bagpipers. Even Santa and Mrs. Claus paid a visit.

CDM staff and faculty competed for the best decorated cart, which was used to transport the toys in the parade. Recipient of the “Best Decorated Cart” was Jeanette Craparotta.

Joe Vuthiganon, Bridget Inman and Jeanette were among the many who contributed to the CDM’s participation in the event.

Recipient of the Best Decorated Cart: Jeanette Craparotta

Some of the toys and bicycles donated

The CDM Gives Back!

Many students work so hard to be accepted to dental school and become a dentist, but most don’t give a second thought to life after school as a new dentist.

But after students get through the didactic courses at the College of Dental Medicine and into the clinic, they start the process of deciding what they will do and where they will go after graduation.

Twenty-three of the fifty-six graduates of the Class of 2012 decided to further their education at a residency program. Fifteen started an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) or General Practice Residency (GPR) programs. The remaining residency-bound students went into orthodontic, pediatric and endodontic programs.

The average nationwide for new graduates entering residency programs is 37% and MUSC’s average for 2012 was 42%.

While around 8% of new dentists in America enter the military or other government service each year, the 2012 CDM graduate level was 12% (seven out of fifty-six).

43% of MUSC’s 2012 class went into private practice, including working as associates or in a corporate dental chain like Dental Smart. The national average for private practice is 49%.

The process of becoming an excellent dentist does not stop once a dental student graduates. No matter what a new dentist does after finishing school, the process of learning the craft is life-long.

MUSC offers several residency programs, including AEGD, orthodontic, periodontic, pedodontic, endodontic and oral surgery programs.

Dec 2012