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College of Dental Medicine News

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Visiting the College of Dental Medicine on Wednesday felt like stepping into a high-tech gadget store.

To celebrate Halloween for 2012, dental faculty and staff dressed as Apple Store employees. Attire included blue shirts, customized logos, and lanyard nametags. The school was also decorated with Apple Store-like posters, celebrating dental health and encouraging proper oral hygiene.

Dr. Joe Vuthiganon, Instructor in the Division of Restorative Dentistry, came up with and championed the idea. While only expecting a moderate number to participate, Dr. Vuthiganon was instead met with an overwhelming response. Over 100 CDM employees agreed to participate, including staff members, assistants, residents, professors, and even the Deans of the College.

To make sure everyone got a matching shirt, Vickie Chapman, an assistant in the Dental Faculty Practice, literally bought out the stock at A.C. Moore. Dr. Vuthiganon designed the logos for each individual’s shirt with their input to represent their personality and/or job at MUSC. To keep with the theme, these logos included the prefix ‘i’ found in many Apple product names.

Vickie distributes the shirts to faculty and staff

Dr. Sanders, Dean of the Dental school, sports the iDean logo,
while coincidentally working on an Apple Macbook.

Dr. Vuthiganon, showing off all of his hard word in front of the dental clinic.
The Dental Apple Store window posters included the ‘iDentists,’ ‘iBrush,’ ‘iFloss’ and ‘iSmile’ logos.

Dr. Gellin wearing the ‘iAxiUm’ logo. As administrator of the dental clinic
software, he is the go-to person for all things axiUm-related.

All the ‘‘Dental Apple Store’ employees that made the 2012 MUSC Dental School halloween celebration a memorable one.

Students and patients really enjoyed the 2012 Halloween event. Special thanks goes to Dr. Vuthiganon and everyone else who helped make the day a success!

For a fourth straight year, the South Carolina Dental Association held its annual Dental Access Days (‘DAD’) event, a 2-day free dental clinic meant to provide dental care to the underserved.

This year over 1,600 patients from around the state were treated. The event was held in Columbia at the State Fairgrounds on August 17th and 18th.

MUSC faculty and students were among those who volunteered from around the state. Over fifty junior and senior dental students worked with faculty to provide care to those in need.

Dr. Mark Barry, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, says of the importance of the event for students: “Participating in Dental Access Days gives our students the opportunity to serve and provide dental care for those who are less fortunate. This is an extremely important part of their education.”

All patients who showed up for the event were treated. Services provided included fillings, extractions, root canals, cleanings and transitional partial dentures. By the end of the second day, approximately $700,000 of free care had been provided.

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