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MUSC is proud to encourage diversity in its students, faculty and staff. Two events were held at MUSC in 2012 to encourage underrepresented minority pre-dental students to consider applying to the College of Dental Medicine.

The first was called “Impressions” day which was held on June 23rd at the school. The primary goal of the Impressions Program was to expose underrepresented minority pre-dental students to a career in dentistry and familiarize them with the dental school application process.

During the day, participants had the opportunity to receive information about applying to and being a student in dental school, to have their questions answered by dental students and members of the faculty, to tour our dental clinics, and to receive hands-on experience. Hands-on activities included waxing a tooth, learning to use a handpiece, taking impressions, and pouring stone models. Forty-two pre-dental students participated. The event was sponsored by the SNDA. 

Second-year student Kenitra Betts and fourth-year student Brandon Hagan 
show students how to work with wax

The other event held was the 14th annual Dental Day and was held on November 2nd. This event provided students with information about the process of applying to dental school and what life is like as a dental student. Pre-health advisors and parents were also welcome to attend the event.

Eighty-six students registered for the attended the program and 15 schools were represented, including: Coastal Carolina, USC-Columbia, College of Charleston, Columbia University, North Carolina State University, Clemson University, Cape Fear Community College, UNC-Pembroke, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Chapel Hill, Presbyterian College, University of Alabama, Wofford College, Winthrop University, South Carolina State University, Charleston Southern and Fort Dorchester High School.

This event was sponsored by the College of Dental Medicine’s Office of Diversity.

Kip Katseanes is a 2nd-year dental student (CDM Class of 2015) that has graciously provided candid answers to several key questions that many dental school applicants want to know.

Kip is a student representative on the Curriculum Committee and is well respected among the faculty and his peers.

1. Why was MUSC College of Dental Medicine the right place for you?  
MUSC was the right place for me after I interviewed here.  Based on the respectful faculty/staff and state-of-the-art facilities, all accommodations were met to provide for an outstanding education.

2. How is life as a dental student different from life as an undergraduate student?
The main difference is time.  Much more is expected and required, so time management is critical for the transition and success.  

3. What advice would you have to future applicants?
My advice would be to try and mimic the College of Dental Medicine's basic science curriculum during your undergraduate courses.  This will help with the transition and better prepare you to be a successful professional student.

4. What has been your favorite part of the pre-clinical dental curriculum?
My favorite part is practicing dental procedures in the simulation lab to better prepare myself for clinical work.  The course directors, along with the reputable facilities, are able to prepare each individual student to better our manual dexterity skills which in turn teaches us to be better clinicians.

5. How does MUSC help you get involved in the community?
MUSC offers many different ways for each student to become active in a community.  Dental mission projects are performed outside of this country on a yearly basis, part of our curriculum requires us to volunteer at a special needs school to reach out in our community, and finally dental outreach programs such as the DAD project and the ECCO clinic help us provide dental work to those less fortunate in our community.  Many more are offered and this variety of outreach programs tailor to all students background interest's to participate.