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OHS Labs

Research Laboratories
Department of Oral Health Sciences

Yilmaz Lab

Dr.  Özlem Yilmaz' laboratory focuses on opportunistic pathogens and oral epithelial cell interaction. In particular, we study the bacterial modulation of epithelial response mechanisms, as well as the colonization, trafficking, and persistence of oral pathogens within the oral mucosa. 

Cray Lab

Craniofacial development and birth defects, osteoblast biology, bone tissue engineering, surgical animal models.

Jakymiw Lab

RNA interference (RNAi) and miRNA biology and their role in oral cancer pathogenesis, Development of peptide-based delivery strategies for therapeutic small non-coding RNAs in the treatment of oral cancer, Development of novel biodegradable X-ray contrast nanoparticles for detection of primary and metastatic oral cancer  tumors.

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