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Where Your Help is Needed: Center for Aging

In 1987, the Medical University of South Carolina established a special center dedicated to the advancement of senior health care services through a statewide network of research, education and outreach programs. Today, the MUSC Center on Aging serves as a nexus of age-related health care resources, through which new knowledge may be discovered, disseminated and channeled into meaningful new therapies for those ailments most commonly suffered by patients over 60.

Priority Needs

Endowed Chairs ($1 million each):
Endowed chairs allow the Center to attract the best and brightest scientists and clinicians in the world to MUSC. Most often endowed chairs are named in honor of the donor or a family member and serve as a perpetual legacy of that person's commitment to advances in medical science.

Neuropathology Laboratory ($1.1 million):
The Medical University is now working to build a new, world-class neuropathology laboratory for the processing and study of brain tissue, a critical component of research on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Geriatric/Gerontology Education Program ($150,000 per year):
The Center on Aging in collaboration with University of South Carolina is creating a comprehensive training program for medical students focused on geriatrics and gerontology. The rationale for exposing undergraduate medical students to healthy, community dwelling elders through a long-term experience is to provide a patient contact experience early in medical training, to improve knowledge of aging, and to have a positive effect on students' attitudes toward caring for older adults. Several researchers have shown that exposure to healthy elders may positively influence students' attitudes towards caring for the elderly.

Research Studies:
Groundbreaking advances are taking place that have a significant impact upon the quality of life of our seniors. A number of studies are currently in need of bridge funding. They include projects relating to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, poly-pharmacy, hypertension, stroke and nutrition.

Center on Aging Annual Giving Program:
The Annual Giving Program supports a wide range of resources designed to support enhanced learning, research and patient care, including:

  • Retention and recruitment of the best doctors, nurses and researchers
  • Equipment and teaching/research/patient care materials
  • Classroom and laboratory renovations
  • Expanded educational opportunities for students and clinicians
  • Emergency loans, student travel and student research

For more information, please contact:

Debbie Bordeau, Director of Development
MUSC Center for Aging
Phone: 843-792-4342
Toll Free: 800-810-6872

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Center on Aging

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