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Where Your Help is Needed: Heart And Vascular Center

South Carolina has one of the highest death rates from heart disease, and our citizens suffer heart attacks at a younger age than those in many other states.  Nearly one South Carolinian in two will die from heart and vascular problems.

To address this epidemic, the Medical University has developed a cardiovascular capability that ranks among America’s finest.  Ours is the only comprehensive cardiovascular center in the state, offering the latest advances in pediatric and adult cardiology, interventional radiology, cardiovascular surgery and heart transplantation.  Our cardiac program also includes programs in disease prevention, research, professional teaching, public health and community education. 

Funding Priorities

The Heart & Vascular Center has great potential for growth in both basic research pertinent to cardiovascular disease and in clinical programs.  Because the Medical University receives just 6.4 percent of its annual budget through state appropriations, private support will play a key role in our ability to fulfill this potential.  Among our priorities:

  • The Atrial Fibrillation Center, to support new clinical innovations, research, and expanding the knowledge of the causes and cures of this debilitating disease, and sharing that knowledge with clinicians throughout the country.
  • The Gazes Cardiac Research Center Endowment, to support the continuation of the unique research program at MUSC, focusing on understanding the causes and creating the new therapies to address heart failure.
  • The Acute Coronary Syndromes Center, which is dedicated to providing a rapid and innovative response to patients experiencing chest pains and other symptoms associated with heart attacks and other emergent cardiac events. Gifts to this center will help improve patient care and support research into the best ways to facilitate and hasten the response to heart events.
  • The Peter C. Gazes Distinguished Chair in Clinical Cardiology, to honor South Carolina’s first cardiologist and assist the Heart & Vascular Center in attracting, retaining and supporting a distinguished caregiver and/or researcher.

For more information, please contact:

Katie Schumacher, Director of Development
MUSC Heart and Vascular Center
Phone: 843-792-2686

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