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Thank-You Notes

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Thank-You Notes

Your gifts to MUSC are making a difference in more ways and more
lives than you can possibly imagine

MUSC saved my life. I moved to Charleston from New York in 2011 and wound up seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist for my glaucoma. That doctor scheduled an MRI, which revealed two aneurysms. All the tests I had in New York had come out negative. My doctor asked if I wanted to go home and talk with my family before scheduling brain surgery, and I said no. If I had waited, I could have died. Instead, I have been taken care of for two years in a system that has found and fixed things. I have a very good future.

-- Jackie McHugh, patient

Researching cancer, there’s so much potential to make a difference in so many people’s lives. I examine cell lines donated by breast cancer patients. I study microRNA, or non-coding biological molecules that block genes from being expressed as proteins. I hope to uncover whether different microRNAs slow or speed cancer growth and how to medicate in response. I don’t have a family history of cancer, but I’ve wanted to research the disease my entire life. This year, thanks to a gift to MUSC, I can attend my first professional conference and meet other likeminded researchers.

-- Jamie Mills, researcher and scholarship recipient

I was born in post-communist Romania, but my family moved to New Orleans in 2005, just months before Hurricane Katrina hit. Our car, our home, everything we owned was gone, but we were lucky to simply be alive. There, as the rising floodwaters captured our little Buick and took the lives of several people I knew and loved, it dawned on me how much responsibility I had to those less fortunate. This realization led me to continue my education, to become a physician and to give back to the communities that have helped me achieve so much.

-- Andra Oprisan, medical student and scholarship recipient

Thank you for standing behind a children’s hospital that we trust to take care of our son. While playing on our rural Williamsburg County farm, 10-year-old Thomas struck the end of an open pipe and severely cut his chin. After receiving minimal care at the nearest emergency room, we made the difficult decision to wake him up and drive 80 miles in the middle of the night to MUSC's Pediatric ER, where the procedure could be corrected. My heart breaks for families who must settle for marginal care or drive hours for treatment. We couldn't be more thankful to have such a wonderful resource right here in our own community.

-- Jen Howard, parent

For many years I worked in my father's native village in rural South India, teaching English to public school students and supporting their education through the work of a non-profit organization that I cofounded with a teacher here in Charleston. My experiences in rural India allowed me to examine more issues than education, and I began to understand how much I could potentially give back as a trained physician. I'm truly grateful for the gift from the Jean P. Wilson Endowed Scholarship and MUSC, and I anticipate the day that I can use my education to enrich the lives of others.

-- Vasanth Kuppuswamy, medical student and scholarship recipient

On behalf of the entire Medical University
and the people we serve, please accept our thanks
and best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

-- Vivian Ivory, Allyson Bird and Amanda Crocker, Thank-You Notes