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Thank-You Notes

Employee credits MUSC physicians with saving her life

By Allyson Crowell
Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

MUSC Human Resources Manager Dee Crawford sees MUSC doctors, takes her children to MUSC pediatricians and participates in MUSC research studies.

“Working in human resources, you really have to support the mission of your employer,” she said. That mindset first drew her to MUSC for medical care, but her life experiences cemented that loyalty.

YES Campaign supporter Dee Crawford with her 7-year old son, Jackson (left), and her 5-year-old son, Cole.

Dee contributes to the YES Campaign, MUSC’s annual employee fundraising initiative, because she credits MUSC with saving her life. 

She had given birth to her second son just days before her father-in-law underwent invasive surgery to fight oral cancer in 2008. While visiting him in the intensive-care unit, Dee felt blood running down her leg. One of her father-in-law’s nurses led her to a restroom and helped her call family members before rushing her over for emergency surgery.

 “I woke up the next day, literally next door to where my father-in-law was,” Dee said. “The same nurses taking care of him were taking care of me.”

Doctors determined that Dee did not deliver part of the placenta when giving birth. They faced two options to save her: hysterectomy or an interventional procedure to stop blood flow to the uterus. With Dee unconscious, her family decided to go with the second option.

 “Everything the doctors did, they were innovative in the way they cared for me,” Dee said. “I just feel like I’m not just another person coming in the revolving door.”

Dee has contributed to the YES Campaign for nearly all of her nine-year career at MUSC. The campaign, which stands for Yearly Employee Support, encourages MUSC employees to donate toward education, patient care and research projects in need of extra cash.

“Everything we do is through MUSC,” Dee said. “I donate to the YES Campaign to support those doctors. With just the money you get from the state, these programs wouldn’t be as successful.”

Her father-in-law’s surgery, for example, extended his life by another year. Since his death in 2009, she has directed her annual gifts to head and neck cancer research, in his memory.  

“Dee’s gift not only honors the life of someone very special to her, but it helps other people facing similar diagnoses,” said Debbie Bordeau, Director of Development for the Hollings Cancer Center. “Her contribution supports groundbreaking research and provides comfort to current patients, and for that we are so grateful.”