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Welcome to the DLSI Faculty Website

Welcome to the website dedicated to the collaborative work being accomplished by the 30+ Department of Library Science and Informatics faculty members at the Medical University of South Carolina. You will find that their talents support key student and faculty initiatives within all clinical, educational and research domains. In addition, they serve important roles in the provision of technical resources for each College and Department as well as the Hospital Authority.  

icon-caeCenter for Academic Excellence and the Writing Center
icon-cieCenter for Evidence-Based Practice
icon-cieCenter for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
icon-computational-biologyComputational Biology Resource Center
icon-libraryMUSC Library

Division of Education and Student Life,
Office of Student Programs

icon-itfrInstructional Technology and Faculty Resources
icon-office-associate-provostOffice of Associate Provost for Research
icon-office-research-devOffice of Research Development
icon-picoPublic Information and Community Outreach
icon-sc-ahecSouth Carolina Area Health Education Consortium

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SCI Research TeamDLSI Faculty Senators

Department of Library Sciences
and Informatics
MUSC Library

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