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Enterprise Data Warehouse

What is the technical architecture of the EDW?

The EDW technical architecture consists of three principal components: Analytics Database Server, ETL Server, and the Business Intelligence Server.

The Analytics Database Server uses Sybase IQ, a high-performance columnar database designed specifically for data warehousing, as its central repository of all enterprise data.  IQ utilizes multiple indexes and data compression to provide fast loading of data and efficient query execution. Our IQ instance is release 15.3 and runs on a Solaris virtual server running Solaris 10.

The ETL Server primarily uses Informatica PowerCenter to extract, transform and load data from a wide variety of systems in use at our location, including relational database such as Sybase ASE, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. The ETL Server also facilitates import of data from non-relational sources, typically via file transfers of data extracts generated by some vendor reporting systems (where no direct access to their product’s underlying data repository is available or supported).  Our PowerCenter instance is version 9.1 and runs on a Solaris virtual server running Solaris 10. The Informatica PowerCenter metadata repository uses Sybase ASE 15.5 for its operational database. Some groups within the enterprise are also utilizing the Talend open source middleware products for ETL of their data.

The Business Intelligence Server uses MicroStrategy Business Intelligence to deliver reports and dashboards supporting operational, analytical and decision support users.  A mix of desktop, web, and mobile clients are currently supported in this environment. Our MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is version 9.x, and web access is by web servers running on both Microsoft’s IIS and Java Tomcat.

For additional information, feel free to read our recently published article in the Journal of Healthcare Information Management by clicking here.