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Education and Student Life

Pillar Goals for ESL


As we continue our pursuits in Excellence – we will be striving to reach or exceed the top 10% in most key areas (some yet unmeasured as indicated below).  Once benchmark data are available, we will establish step goals to move us upwards at all times.


  • 90% or more of ESL Faculty and Staff are pleased to be working at MUSC.
  • Establish ESL employee reognition task force by January 2012.
  • 75% of ESL personnel agree that good performance is recognized in their work area.
  • 90% believe ESL faculty and staff are respectful of one another.*

*new question on 2012 survey


  • 90%  of students agree they made the right choice by selecting MUSC
  • 90% of students are satisfied with ESL services
  • 90% of students agree ESL programs promote effective stress management, a balanced lifestyle, and overall well-being


  • 70% of personnel agree that their immediate supervisor recognizes the efforts of individuals.
  • 75% of ESL personnel agree that the people they work with cooperate and work as a team
  • 85% or higher of ESL faculty and staff evaluate MUSC's culture as valuing diversity

Align ESL's strategic plan as appropriate with University strategic plan (Entrepreneurship, Globalization, Inter-Professional, Technology/Innovation).


  • Total expenses will not exceed the FY2012 revised budget
    (Except for pre-approved utliization of reserve funds for one-time major expenditures)
  • Develop benchmark data for services ESL provides May 2012



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