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2009 - 2010 ESL Annual Report



Excellence is  Elemental

Our goal is excellence. A commitment to excellence involves not only providing outstanding student services but also collecting data to ensure that we are achieving the quality and service goals we set.

The 2009-2010 survey shows that in nearly every case, we exceeded the excellence goals for which we strived. Where improvements are warranted, data from the survey informs us exactly where the challenges lie, and we are guided by students’ input in addressing them.

2009-2010 ESL Pillar Accomplishments

Education and Student Life provides the elements necessary for students to pursue their educations successfully and begin their careers. As a division vital to professional programs across every college, our constituent units provide the shared, core components of an MUSC education.

Students who will become leaders in health care and biomedical science are our primary stakeholders, so we endeavor to combine a positive and enlightening university experience with the colleges’ specialized professional education. Our efforts are structured around the five pillars of MUSC Excellence.

As we are elemental to student success, our focus on People, Service, Quality, Growth, and Finance has been elemental to the 2009-2010 accomplishments of which we are most proud.

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