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2009 - 2010 ESL Annual Report



2010-2011 ESL Pillar Goals

Just as the pillars of MUSC Excellence represent a clear way to understand how we can improve our work and track progress, the various elements within ESL are compounded to contribute in innumerable ways to the education of MUSC students. The highlights of accomplishments on the preceding pages represent but a few of the improvements in 2009-2010.

The 2010-2011 pillar goals below and the various unit reports that follow show our areas of focus in the coming year. Our work is elemental to the MUSC experience for students, faculty, and staff. With them and with our outstanding colleges, we are connecting for success.


  • 90% or more of ESL Staff are pleased to be working at MUSC
  • 85% or higher of ESL Staff evaluate MUSC’s culture as valuing diversity
  • 90% or higher of ESL Staff believe they made the right choice in selecting MUSC
  • 75% of ESL Staff agree that good performance is recognized in their work area


  • 90% of students agree they made the right choice by selecting MUSC
  • 90% of students are satisfied with ESL services


  • 70% of ESL Staff agree that their immediate supervisor recognizes the efforts of individuals
  • 80% of graduating students agree their understanding of the contributions of other professions to health care delivery or research increased through their experience at MUSC
  • 75% of ESL Staff agree that the people they work with cooperate and work as a team


  • Implement three new initiatives relating to sustainability/eco-friendly practices


  • Total expenses will not exceed the FY2011 revised budget
    (Except for pre-approved utilization of reserve funds for one-time major expenditures)

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