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The mission of ESL focuses on students’ academic, professional, and personal success.

Once students enroll at MUSC, the faculty and staff in Education and Student Life (ESL) are catalysts for the development of an array of crucial academic and professional skills: effective lifelong learning approaches and strategies, time and stress management, concentration, communication, motivation, self-awareness, and wellness. These skills become manifest in multiple ways: a mastery of knowledge and expertise; an interprofessional approach to the delivery of patient-centered, evidence-based care; a respect for diversity; a continuous search for and analysis of information; and self awareness as a leader, role model, and responsible member of society.

Our expertise is elemental to these educational outcomes.

Achieving Educational Progress, Faster Than Otherwise Possible

We provide a foundation for academic success across all six colleges. In fact, ESL provides a unifying bond, forming one University and providing support for all students in the MUSC health care community. Through giving, you can be a catalyst for our students and the faculty and staff who serve and educate them.

To be such a catalyst – to help others and to invest in the health of our community – please consider making a cash contribution to the MUSC Student Services Fund or any one of the four ESL funds. 

•    MUSC Student Services Fund
•    Harper Student Wellness Center Fund
•    Higgins Memorial Fund
•    Minority Student Scholarships

The MUSC Student Services Fund enables ESL to provide support where the need is greatest.
Recognizing that challenges and opportunities change daily, the flexibility of the fund allows for unpredictable and emerging needs, as well as needs that are not covered by state funds.

We use the funds well to provide…
•    Educational opportunities for students and faculty
•    Emergency loans for student health issues, educational travel, and personal crises
    (such as a natural disaster or catastrophic event)
•    Outstanding student recognition awards
•    Support for new programs
•    Service learning opportunities and student-initiated medical-outreach programs

Please go to to make an on-line donation or to download the donation form.

Thank you for your generosity and support of
Education and Student Life at MUSC.

In compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, your contribution may qualify for tax deduction, as no goods or services are provided in exchange for gifts to these funds.