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Special Thanks

Special Thanks to all of our faculty and staff for the division’s remarkable success in 2010. This report was created through the team effort of the unit directors and many others.

We want particularly to acknowledge Thomas Hamm and Larry Owens for developing the elemental concept, creating the design, and producing this publication. We would also like to thank Tom Smith for his writing and editing, and Wendy Littlejohn for coordinating the extensive collaborative effort to compile this report.

Special thanks to those integral to the creation of this report

Production Notes

In adherance to MUSC’s continuing sustainablity efforts, this publication was printed in limited supply, instead relying on a web-based version to cut down on paper usage. Those pieces that were produced were printed on paper stocks containing post-consumer recycled fiber. These papers have been awarded certifications for supporting responsible forest management. The printing and fabrication of this publication was performed by MUSC University Press.