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MUSC Education & Student Life Annual Report for 2010-2011

ESL Annual Report | Behavorial Support and Intervention Team

To ensure a safe environment for our students, patients, visitors, staff, and faculty, the Associate Provost for Education and Student Life established a working committee to develop procedures for a Behavioral Support and Intervention Team (BSIT). The purpose of the proposed BSIT is to provide supportive and proactive intervention for students who are experiencing problems which may affect their safety and/or the safety of others. When concerns are identified, the proposed BSIT will receive and integrate information from several sources and offer recommendations regarding appropriate services for the student to the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. This model is considered a “best practice” for colleges and universities.

The committee was chaired by Dr. Alice Libet and included representatives from all of the MUSC colleges, Legal Services, Risk Management, Public Safety, and Student Services. Dr. Laurine Charles and Barbara Bozarth, MSEd, from Education and Student Life participated on the development committee. The proposed procedures will be reviewed by deans and associate deans of the MUSC colleges. It is projected that individuals from each college will be appointed to a newly established BSIT during the
upcoming academic year.


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