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MUSC Education & Student Life Annual Report for 2010-2011

ESL Annual Report | Student Satisfaction Survey

We are proud to report our students think we are successfully helping them as they draft their own success stories. Students report high levels of satisfaction in this year’s annual survey; specifically, 95% of students report satisfaction with the services they receive from ESL. Additionally, 93% agree that the programs provided by ESL promote and provide effective stress management, a balanced lifestyle, and overall well-being. Undoubtedly, ESL contributes to the high rate of students, 94%, who agree they made the right choice in selecting MUSC for their training and would recommend MUSC to a prospective student. These data are important not only to ESL as a self-assessment, quality assurance tool, but also to University and college leaders because they provide information about the way students in each college assess their MUSC experience.



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