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MUSC Education & Student Life Annual Report for 2010-2011

ESL Annual Report | Strategic Plan

ESL faculty and staff are making plans for our own stories for next year and years to come. We began in early spring 2011 to create a strategic plan to guide our work so it is aligned with the University’s strategic plan. As the first step, unit directors collected data on similar programs and associated costs from MUSC’s peer institutions.

The data, often difficult to assess, were used as benchmarks for comparisons. Dr. Darlene Shaw then interviewed each of the deans and/or associate deans using questions and concerns submitted by unit directors. The questions were designed to elicit responses about the value of each ESL unit and to explore other needs that might be met by ESL. Once the data were collected, representatives of ESL created a value proposition, a statement that briefly describes the role of ESL and elucidates its worth to the students, faculty, and staff of the University. Our strategic plan is expected to be rolled out in December.



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