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MUSC Education & Student Life Annual Report for 2010-2011

ESL Publications & Presentations

Ariail, Jennie, Smith, Tom, Richards-Slaughter, Shannon, Kerr, Lisa. Center for Academic Excellence/Writing Center: A comprehensive approach to enhance learning. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) National Meeting, Washington, DC, November 2010.

Ballard, J., Miller, B., Blue, Amy. Best practices in clinically focused interprofessional education. Southern Group on Educational Affairs Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, April 2011.

Blue, Amy. Interprofessional and team-based care for the future healthcare system. AAMC Leadership Forum, Pentagon City, Washington, DC, June, 2011.

Blue, Amy, Shaw, Darlene. Teaching behavioral science and patient safety in an interprofessional context. Annual Meeting of the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP), Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA, June, 2011.

Blue, Amy. Interprofessional education is now. Innovations in Health Science Education Conference: Interprofessional Health Science Education, San Antonio, TX, May, 2011.

Blue, Amy. A required interprofessional course for medical and health professions students: Lessons learned. Southern Group on Educational Affairs Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, April, 2011.

Blue, Amy. Team-based competencies: Building a shared foundation for education and clinical practice. Health Resources and Service Administration, Josiah Macy, Jr., and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations and the ABIM Foundation in collaboration with the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC), Washington, DC. February, 2011.

Blue, Amy, Mitcham, M., Smith, Tom, Raymond, J., Greenberg, R. Changing the future of health professions education by embedding interprofessional education within an academic health center. Academic Medicine 85.8:1290-1295.

Blue, Amy. Introducing IPE into the curriculum. Interprofessional Education: the New Foundation for Healthcare Delivery Conference, Indianapolis, IN, October, 2010.

Blue, Amy. Developing an interprofessional infrastructure. Interprofessional Education: the New Foundation for Healthcare Delivery Conference, Indianapolis, IN, October, 2010.

Blue, Amy. Interprofessional education at MUSC. Charleston Law School Health Law Society, Charleston, SC, September, 2010.

Blue, Amy, Charles, Laurine, Howell, D., Koutalos, Y., Mitcham, M., Nappi, J., Zoller, J. (2010). Introducing students to patient safety through an online interprofessional course. Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 1: 107-114.

Bond, S.M., Horton, Lee. (2010). Management of postmenopausal vaginal symptoms in women. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 36(7):3-7.

Buff, Scotty, Gibbs P., Oubré, O., Ariail, Jennie, Blue, Amy, Greenberg, R. (2011). A novel approach for an extracurricular/co-curricular interprofessional service-learning project: Junior Doctors of Health. Journal of Allied Health, 40(3):e39-44.

Buff, Scotty, Jenkins, K., Warren, E., Coward, T., Richardson, K., Stover, N., Cauthen, J., Ghent, J., Fulton, T., Brown, D., Chessman, A., Howell-Keith, D., Martin, K., Shrader, S., White, A., Blue, Amy. The interprofessional service-learning project. Case study. Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, 2011.

Burnham, Willette. (2010). Black males in medical school: An exploratory analysis of factors related to persistence [Dissertation]. ProQuest – UMI Dissertation Publishing. UMI No. 3433126 (187 pages).

Burnham, Willette. Diversity and interprofessional teams and quality health care. South Carolina Association for Physician Assistants (SCAPA) Fall CME Conference, Isle of Palms, SC, October 2010.

Burnham, Willette. Creating a visionary, vibrant and valued student affairs leadership team. Technical College of the Lowcountry SALT Retreat, Beaufort, SC, December 2010.

Burnham, Willette. A strategic approach to your career in student affairs. National Association for Student Affairs Professionals Region III Summer Symposium, Savannah, GA, June 2010.

Burnham, Willette. Student affairs at MUSC: An update. College of Health Professions Faculty Development Series, January 2011.

Bushardt, R., Booze, L., Hewett, M., Thomas, Suzanne. (2011). An empirical investigation of the impact of key PA program characteristics and faculty credentials on PANCE performance. Journal of Physician Assistant Education. In press.

Charles, Laurine. Cultural competence in health care. South Carolina Health Occupations Students of America (SC HOSA), Charleston, SC, March 2011.

Charles, Laurine. Health care reform. Charleston County School District health sciences faculty in-service, Charleston, SC, September 2010.

Crowley, N., Budak, A., Byrne, K., Thomas, Suzanne. (2011). Patients that endorse more binge eating triggers prior to gastric bypass surgery lose less weight at six months. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 7:55-59.

Freeman, Geoffrey. Lecture capture’s role at MUSC: Webinar, June 2011.

Freeman, Geoffrey. Lecture capture’s role at MUSC. EduComm, Orlando, FL, June 2011.

Horton, Leonora. (2011). Doctoral Dissertation and Defense.

Kerr, Lisa. This landscape must change. The examined life: A literary journal of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Spring 2011.

Kerr, Lisa. Between the sheets. SC Poetry Initiative/Stepping Stone Press, October 2010.

Kerr, Lisa. More than words: Applying the discipline of literary creative writing to the practice of reflective writing in health care education. Journal of Medical Humanities, December 2010.

Kerr, Lisa. What would Chekhov do? An English professor’s reflections on the literature and medicine classroom. Medical Encounter, July 2010.

Koya, D., Chen, J., Smith, Tom, Moran, W.P. Screening mammography use in medicare beneficiaries reflects 4-year mortality risk rather than age alone. American Journal of Medicine, 124.

Krug, Edward, Koepper, Robert, Mueller, Rebeca, Smith, Tom. (2010). International postdoctoral orientation program focused on improved conflict resolution skills and enhanced participation in RCR training workshops. The POSTDOCket, 8.4.

Libet, Alice. (2011). Surviving a breakup, Jolie, 2.1: 26-27.

Mauldin, M., Blue, Amy. Online learning to promote interprofessional education: Lessons learned. Poster Presentation, Southeast Regional Educause Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC, June, 2011.

Shaw, Darlene, Thomas, Suzanne, Blumenthal, Larry. A cross-sectional assessment of risk and resilience for stress-related problems in medical university students. Annual Meeting of the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP) Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA, June 2011.

Sheridan, Margaret. Community connections complete the course. South Carolina Service-learning Alliance Conference, Columbia, SC, 2010.

Shumway J., Blue, Amy, Thomas J., Elam C. Building bridges: Institutional strategies for developing interprofessional education experience. Southern Group on Educational Affairs Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, April, 2011.

Smith, Tom, Ariail, Jennie, Richards-Slaughter, Shannon, Kerr, Lisa. Teaching professional writing in an academic health sciences center: the writing center model at the Medical University of South Carolina. Teaching and Learning in Medicine. In press.

Thomas, Suzanne, Shaw, Darlene, Blumenthal, Larry, Libet, Alice. Alcohol use and misuse among medical university students and pilot action plan: One institution’s experience. Poster presentation, Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry, Savannah, GA, June 2011.

Thomas, Suzanne, Bacon, A., Randall, P.K., Brady, K.T., See, R.E. (2011). An acute psychosocial stressor increases drinking in non-treatment seeking alcoholics. Psychopharmacology, 10.1007/s00213-010-2163-6.

Thomas, Suzanne, Haney, M.K., Pelic, C.M., Shaw, Darlene, Wong, J.G. (2011). Developing a program to promote stress resilience and self-care in first-year medical students. Canadian Journal of Medical Education. In press.

Thomas, Suzanne, Randall, P.K., Brady, K.T., See, R., Drobes, D.J. (2011). An acute psychosocial stressor does not potentiate alcohol cue reactivity in non-treatment-seeking alcoholics. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research 35(1):464-473.

Thomas, Suzanne, Sinha, R., Uhart, M., Bacon, A., Adinoff, B. (2011). Clinical laboratory stressors used to study alcohol-stress relationships. Alcohol Health & Research. In press.


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