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MUSC Education & Student Life Annual Report for 2012-2013

ESL Annual Report | Introduction

A Message from the Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life

Over the past year, we have provided outstanding services to students, guided by the strategic plan Education and Student Life (ESL) unveiled last year. The strategic plan identified six domains or design elements needed to build the best learning environment for developing transformative leaders in health care. I invite you to read our report, which describes a few highlights of our work in the six domains that form the foundation of ESL’s vital contribution to MUSC’s mission. Because one of these elements represents our commitment to stewardship of resources, we have scaled back the printed version of our report this year. We invite you to use the QR codes and web address below to find more detailed accounts of the work of our various units.

This brief summary of our endeavors this year was written and published entirely in-house. We feature MUSC students in the divider pages that follow, and provide their names and college affiliations at the end of this summary.

We aim this year and always to promote Student Success. This success is no accident. It occurs By Design.


Darlene Shaw, PhD
Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life

A compass is a mathematical instrument for measuring distance and thereby designing space, but it is also the tool we use to find our direction. Compasses are tools for both creating and directing. In Education and Student Life (ESL), our charge encompasses both meanings, building an environment that directs students toward professional achievements. We promote Student Success…By Design.

MUSC students are pleased with their educational experience
94% of MUSC students report that they received a high quality education
93% of MUSC students report that they made the right choice in selecting MUSC for their training
92% of MUSC students would recommend MUSC to a prospective student

We have a blueprint for student success and have been making strides in following it. When ESL developed a strategic plan last year, we did so knowing that we had plenty of successes in the past. We knew that our students were doing remarkable things, while here and after graduating. But we also knew that student success isn’t an accident, that high quality students only become high quality professionals in a positive culture, with the right tools, and through a comprehensive education.

In ESL’s culture, we work every day for the student body as a whole and with students individually to design their success. The faculty and staff in ESL keep students foremost in their minds, and they do so in ways large and small to make MUSC a better place for students to develop, live, and learn.

MUSC students are highly satisfied with the services provided by Education and Student Life
96% of MUSC students are satisfied with the services they receive from the Division of Education and Student Life
95% of MUSC  students report that the programs provided by Education and Student Life promote effective stress management, a balanced lifestyle, and overall well-being
92% of MUSC students report that the services provided by Education and Student Life contribute to their academic success

We invite you to contact any employee in Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, the MUSC Wellness Center, Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources, Enrollment Management, Student Programs, the Center for Academic Excellence/Writing Center, Creating Collaborative Care, or Administration. A conversation with our staff and faculty will confirm that we all share ESL’s vision of providing the nation’s best learning environment in order to educate transformative healthcare leaders.

In the pages that follow, we highlight several ways we have sought to build this environment over the past year. These highlights are exemplars, initiatives we designed and built as part of our strategic plan’s six key objectives. On our website, you’ll find even more detail and see that each department within ESL is designing student success across every college in the University.


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