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Education and Student Life

Facilities Management for ESL

The role of facilities management is to:

  • Coordinate and oversee the operations, maintenance, and space needs of the Alumni Memorial House and/or the Wellness Center as needed in a cost effective manner.
  • To ensure that all demolition, renovation, and new construction is completed in a timely fashion in support of the activities of S. C. state government by accommodating space needs and maintaining the facilities in good condition for students, patient, member, and University use.
  • Supervise and oversee repairs, modifications and preventative maintenance on building and facilities.
  • Initiates and communicates with a variety of University personnel and/or outside vendors to include Physical Plant, Public Safety, Parking Management, Environmental Services, Warehouse Operations, Furniture Vendors, Moving Crews and various college/division personnel on campus to maintain property.
  • Take account of needs of employees housed in the facilities.

Special projects for the Division of Education and Student Life and the Office of the Provost are assigned on a regular and as needed basis.

Contact Information:

James Tomsic
Harper Student Wellness Center
45 Courtenay Drive, MSC 976
Charleston, SC 29425



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