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Financial Literacy Program

Entrance and Exit Counseling for Student Loans

It is a federal requirement that you complete Entrance Counseling prior to receiving any federal loan funds. It is also a federal requirement to complete Exit Counseling prior to entering repayment of any federal loans. Entrance and Exit Counseling are designed to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a loan borrower.

Entrance Counseling can be competed online at However, you will need to complete Entrance Counseling for each loan type. Please contact Financial Aid Services at (843) 792-2536 regarding the requirement.

The Exit Counseling session provides students with repayment schedules, deferment and cancellation regulations, loan indebtedness reports, and terms of their promissory notes. Exit Counseling is required each time you fall below half-time enrollment, withdraw, take a leave of absence, or graduate. The information provided during the Exit Counseling is essential for managing your student loan debt.

The Student Accounting Office coordinates Exit Counseling using Education Computer System Incorporated (ECSI) and the United State Department of Education. Students that have Perkins, Health Professions, or Graduate Incentive loans will receive an email from ECSI with instructions and a PIN number to access their webpage. Students with Federal Family Education Loans and William D. Ford Direct Loans may complete the Exit Counseling at If you have questions regarding the Exit Counseling requirement, please contact the Student Accounting Office at 843-792-2170 or at

A hold is placed on the academic record of any student who has not completed Exit Counseling. When a hold is placed on your account, you may not receive any transcripts, grades, or diploma.

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