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Financial Literacy Program

"Get Financially Fit" Student Financial Literacy Program

Education and Student Life is committed to the personal as well as to the academic development of MUSC students. As part of that commitment, a financial literacy program, “Get Financially Fit,” was designed to empower students with financial information so they are better prepared to survive in a challenging economy.

Get Financially Fit” will also assist students to develop money-management skills that can be used now and in the future. The goal of “Get Financial Fit” is to improve the financial health and well being of MUSC students.

“Get Financially Fit” consists of several components:

Computer-Based Instruction

Computer-based instruction is a friendly and easy way to learn financial skills. The information is organized into modules that can be completed in a short time and at your own pace. Many computer-based instructional programs include topics such as budgeting, financial planning, and banking. Additionally, you can learn more about debit/credit cards, identity theft, setting financial goals, and saving.

CashCourse, a National Endowment for Financial Education online resource, is a comprehensive money management program designed to assist young adults in making informed financial decisions by providing them with additional information and resources. CashCourse is a free, unbiased and noncommercial financial education solution.

In addition to articles, the CashCourse features:

  • Worksheets and calculators
  • A “Budget Wizard” tool to help adults manage their spending
  • An online dictionary of financial terms
  • A credit module on the importance of managing and protecting credit

AAMC FIRST (Financial Information, Resources, Services and Tools) for Medical Education is a comprehensive financial literacy program for medical students. One of the resources offered is Financial Literacy 101. This online program consists of modules covering a series of financial topics.

AAMC FIRST also offers these features:

  • AAMC deferment eligibility chart
  • Entrance and exit counseling
  • Fact sheets for graduating students
  • Financial aid toolkit
  • FIRST podcasts
  • Loan repayment/forgiveness scholarship programs
  • Loan repayment options
  • Medloan organizer and calculator
  • Money management tools
  • National Health Service Corps (NHSC) video

For other online instructional resources, please see other computer-based instruction.



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