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Education and Student Life

14 Don'ts for Using the ESL Logo

It is vitally important that all MUSC departments, service lines, colleges and programs be presented under one common identity or image. Maintaining a singular brand allows all areas to benefit from the promotion of the corporation as a whole, as well as promotion of individual. The "service line" logos for Education and Student Life, as well as the Wellness Center are no different.

Below are 14 common ways the MUSC logo brand is misused.


Never alter the height-to-width ratio or otherwise distort the shape or proportions of a logo.


Do not add drop-shadows or outlines to a logo. Observe the clear space (white space around logo) requirement as set forth in Graphic Standards manual (see below)


Never add a frame or border to the logo. Do not allow elements of another graphic to appear within a logo's minimum clear area.

Breaking Through

Never apply a logo over a graphic element or background that "breaks the lines" of a logo.


Always show all elements of the logo as solids. Do not use outlines.


Never add highlights, decorations or other graphic embellishments to the logo.

Entirely Grey

Do not use shades of grey for the entire logo. The proper usage uses greyscale in the architecture graphic and fully black text.

Different Colors

Never use colors for any part of the logo other than those specified in the Graphics Standards Manual.

Over Dark Photos

Avoid using the logo on a clashing color background or on a background that detracts from logo legibility or impact. In general, exercise good judgement when a logo must be applied over a colored background or surface. If the image where the logo will reside is dark, consider using the "reverse" version of the logo.

Over Patterns

Avoid using the logo on patterned, multi-colored, uneven, or course backgrounds.

Elements Alone

Never use the graphic icon alone. Use it only with the approved logotype in the proper spacial relationship and proportion.

Elements Alone

Do not use the MUSC or MUSC logotype without the graphic icon.


Do not tilt, angle, or rotate the logo in relation to surrounding are or typographic elements.

Different Fonts

Never substitute typefaces or otherwise reconfigure the elements of the logo.

(Note: All logos are composed of graphic art and are not composed of standard typeface. Never attempt to create an MUSC logo from scratch, so to speak)

Click here to download a copy of the MUSC Graphics Standards Manual. This manual goes into great depth on proper and improper uses of the MUSC logo brand. This manual is an invaluable resource in regards to how to use the MUSC logo.



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